The Martin Agency – United States, United Kingdom

Impacting culture to impact sales.

When Ellen, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert spontaneously start talking about our clients…when our campaigns become both a Jeopardy! clue and a Wheel of Fortune reveal…and when SNL parodies our UPS “man in a lady wig”…we consider it both a good day and all in a day’s work. And maybe a Hump Day, too. People still wonder “What can Brown do for you?” For us, buzz is a business metric. We’ve created steady buzz around GEICO, OREO, UPS, and Walmart, to name a few. And we’ve been doing it as far back as 1969 when we penned “Virginia is for Lovers.” Work that fights invisibility, gains attention, breaks through and gets talked about — it’s what we do, and we’ve done it for 53 years.

Street: One Shockoe Plaza, Locality: Richmond, Region: Virginia, Postal Code: 23219, Country: United States, Telephone: 804-698-8000

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