Sii Poland – Poland


With over 3 900 Power People, Sii is the top IT & engineering services provider in Poland. We support our clients within the scope of testing, software development, infrastructure management as well as system integration and system maintenance. We execute various projects for leading worldwide companies from such sectors like banking and finance, insurance, telecommunications, Hi-Tech, utilities, industry, FMCG and many others.


Street: ulica Gwiaździsta, 66, Wrocław, Woj. Dolnośląskie 53-413, PL, Locality: Wroclaw, Region: Lower Silesia, Postal Code: 53-413, Country: Poland, Telephone: +48-22-486-3737

Street: al. Niepodległości 69 02-626 Warszawa 3rd floor, Metron building, Locality: Warsaw, Region: Warsaw, Postal Code: 69 02-626, Country: Poland, Telephone: +48-22-486-37-37